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I, Zara Hill, of Strike A Pose Photography retain full copyright to all digital images.


I hereby give authority to the owner of the high resolution digital downloads

to print these files in any medium. 


The photos should be printed as is without edits or alterations unless

expressive permissionis given by me.

Any unauthorised alteration of images will be deemed a violation of copyright.


Strike A Pose Photography will not be liable for print quality, cropping or colour defects of any photos that are printed.

Quality guarantee only applies on orders place through me by prior appointment.


These images cannot be distributed, duplicated or used for advertising and/or commercial use for financial gain without prior consent from the photographer.


Should you choose to publish the images online, I request and appreciate proper recognition. Photos may not be used in any other way except as outlined in this document or with prior consent from Strike A Pose Photography








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